Text Banking – Business

No Wi-Fi required.

Account management in the palm of your hand.

Money management and fraud detection tool. Always know what is happening with your account.

How does Text Banking help detect fraud?

You can set customizable transactions alerts to notify you as soon as transactions happen. If you don’t recognize a transaction, call our fraud department at 877.361.0814 to stop fraudulent activity in its tracks!

Do I need a smartphone to use Text Banking?

No, all you need to use Text Banking is a phone that can send and receive text messages.

How do I sign up for Text Banking?

Use our app or simply stop by any RCB Bank location to enroll.

How much does Text Banking cost?

For business customers it is $5/month per phone for one account and $8/month per phone for two or more (includes combination of business and personal).

For our personal customers it is $2/month per phone for one personal account and $3/month per phone for two or more personal accounts.

Can I select the time of day I receive the Text Banking alerts?

Yes, you can choose when to receive alerts. This allows you to block out a certain timeframe you do not wish to receive alerts such as overnight while you’re sleeping.

How do I transfer money through Text Banking?

Once you sign up, ask one of our friendly Customer Service Representatives for a quick reference card or download here. This card will explain how to use Text Banking.

Do I have to use online banking to have text alerts?

No, visit your local branch and we’ll get you set up.


  • Available for all text-enabled phones – doesn’t have to be a smartphone
  • Customize transaction alerts
  • Receive alerts 24 hours a day or during timeframes you choose
  • Transfer money until 7 p.m.
  • Complete balance inquiries
  • Set low balance alerts
  • Wi-Fi not required

Fees 25

  • $2/mo. per phone for one personal account
  • $3/mo. per phone for two or more personal accounts
  • $5/mo. per phone for one business account
  • $8/mo. per phone for two or more accounts (includes combination of business and personal)

Learn more about the text commands to receive information on your enrolled accounts.

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