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RCB Bank Trust works with families and institutions to develop customized investment strategies designed to provide you with peace of mind, time to pursue your other interests, maximum tax savings and estate settlement advantages.

Trust and Estate Planning

By definition, trust and estate planning is a process designed to help you manage and preserve your assets while you are alive – and to conserve and control their distribution upon your death according to your wishes. We will help you think through the process and then assist you and your other advisors (attorney, CPA, insurance specialist, etc.) in developing a flexible plan that is best for you and your family.

Personal Trust Management/Administration

A Personal Trust is an effective, flexible tool to help you preserve your assets and ensure that your money is managed and distributed according to your wishes. As your Trustee or Agent, we manage the Trust assets and handle fiduciary duties in an objective manner.

Special Needs Trust Management/Administration

The primary purpose of a Special Needs Trust is to allow the family of a disabled person to provide for his/her needs – without jeopardizing entitlement to certain valuable government benefits. Special Needs Trusts are highly specialized and require careful drafting and interpretation by experts to ensure that necessary government entitlements are not lost.

Ranch, Farm, Oil and Gas Management/Administration

Perhaps you purchase a ranch, farm, oil and gas properties or receive them as an inheritance. We will negotiate leases for ranch/farm/oil and gas properties for you. We will also select tenants for farm properties, collect rents and create a crop production plan that suits your needs.

Estate Settlement

As your Executor or Agent, we inventory and value your assets, pay estate taxes, expenses and debts, file necessary tax returns, keep accurate records and distribute your estate as directed by your Will. We ensure that your final wishes are carried out and that your heirs are guided through the complexities of estate settlement.


RCB Bank Trust protects and manages the assets of individuals who cannot manage their own financial affairs. Whether the conservatorship involves a minor or an individual with a physical disability, medical disability or otherwise, we take charge of paying bills, investing money, filing taxes, filing the annual report with the court and protecting assets while meeting both current and future needs.

Cemetery Trust Management/Administration

Some state laws now require cemetery trusts to be administered by unaffiliated trustees. RCB Bank Trust’s experts offer solutions in administration, investments, state reporting and tax filings for cemetery trusts.

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